Integrated Planning

Welcome to our Conversation Station for Integrated Planning! This site will allow you to share your ideas about environmental priorities in Springfield-Greene County, Missouri. You can show us what is important to you by participating in the conversation about the environment. Click on the forum page and share your priorities, participate in a poll or post photos showing important environmental resources. We will share with you information we know and have collected about the environment as part of the development of an Integrated Plan for the Environment being developed jointly by City of Springfield, Springfield City Utilities and Greene County, Missouri. Check back frequently as new information will be posted as it is available. Thanks in advance for participating in this important community conversation.

Air Quality

Air pollution comes from many different sources including natural sources such as windblown dust and smoke from wildfires and man-made such as emissions from automobiles, factories, power plants, construction equipment, small businesses and open burning. Federal, state and local regulatory agencies create air quality regulations to require the reduction of pollutants from man-made sources. However, regulations can only do so much. It is also up to individuals to understand how the decisions that they make, and the actions that they take, everyday can contribute to air pollution.

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Water Quality

Water is why people settled here and is how Springfield got its name. A Tennessee homesteader, John Polk Campbell was the founder of Springfield, announcing his claim in 1829 near Fulbright Springs. Protecting our area water resources for drinking water supply, support of aquatic life, industrial and agricultural supply, and recreational uses is vital to our regional economy.

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Land Resources

Our land is a resource that should be protected. Contaminated soils can be a human health concern and a problem for development. Pollution gets deposited on the land through human activities such as improper use and disposal of chemicals, and through deposition of pollutants in the air. Pollution sources such as underground fuel tanks and failing septic tanks are buried in the ground but can make their way into our streams, lakes, and groundwater. Land pollution prevention and cleaning up legacy sources of pollution is important to human health, quality of life and the economy of our community.

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