Springfield, Missouri's unique Integrated Planning approach seeks to answer the question:

If we only had ONE DOLLAR to spend...

...what is the most effective solution we could implement?

…to address the most pressing environmental problem(s)?

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...that matter most to our community?

...and would be affordable to our citizens?

Like many other communities across the nation, Springfield is addressing the challenge of increasingly stringent environmental regulations from every front. Our community is required to devote an increasing amount of money and resources to comply. In the midst of these increasing environmental obligations, Springfield is facing growing levels of poverty and an increasing demand for public spending.

The citizens and leadership of the Springfield-Greene County region understand the importance of environmental stewardship and are widely recognized as a model community in this regard. Quality environmental resources are especially important to the Ozarks since much of our economic development, tourism and overall quality of life are directly tied into the quality of our air and water.

In response to this, leaders from the City of Springfield, Greene County and City Utilities developed a holistic approach proposing to use local knowledge to examine our environmental resources related to air, water, and land resources.

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A coordinated effort between:

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